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Things to Consider Before Online Shopping in Pakistan

Things to Consider Before Online Shopping in Pakistan

22 Oct 2022

The trend of shifting to the online market and leaving behind the traditional shopping manner is arising in Pakistan. Online products range from clothes to food to electronic devices. All are available in a few clicks to your doorstep. 

Additionally, shopping is easy for us to know; with a click, you can get your desired products in minutes without much human interaction. With the growth of E-Commerce stores, everyone is shifting to online shopping in Pakistan.

However, despite the rise in online shopping, people are still skeptical about shopping online. It would be best if you consider a few things while shopping. The blog will guide you to what you need to know while buying.

Website Credibility

You want to avoid scams and fraud and buy products from credible websites. A brand with many reviews is the best website; it won't risk compromising its reputation. Besides, they will offer the same thing on their website and will try to avoid negative feedback. Furthermore, the credible site is well developed and well maintained and has complete details of the product, price, review, and specifications.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned above, reviews play a crucial element in the reliability of the website. Consider going for websites that have reviews on their products. Shop online in Pakistan from websites having positive thoughts. The customers' views determine the credibility of the products/services. It will save you money and time for that product. If you buy a product, leave your review to help others. 

Delivery Charges

The delivery charges vary from business to business. Some of them will offer free delivery to fulfill the order's minimum amount requirement. In comparison, others charge a delivery fee as per your address. Moreover, you have to check if the brand offers explicit instructions on the delivery charges with no hidden expenses. However, some businesses ask for details to determine shipment cost, i.e., location, city, and parcel weightage. 

Payment Method

Providing different modes of payment is a symbol of convenience. If you are still doubtful about paying online, opt for the cash-on-delivery option. You can buy online in Pakistan with your preferred mode of payment. However, if you want to go for card payments, you must fulfill the verification stages to keep your account secure. The cardholder will get an OTP on every purchase. Therefore, your card can not be misused. 

Delivery Duration

One way to check reliable sources is to check the delivery duration. A shorter delivery time is more reliable than a longer delivery time. However, if you find the seller reliable, you are good to move forward.

You can choose the sites as per the urgency for delivery. Check their websites for how long it takes to dispatch and deliver an order. Additionally, check the delivery partner that will provide your product.

Order Confirmation

The reliable brand will send you a receipt of the order via email or SMS containing purchase and delivery details. Additionally, the brands will provide you with the tracking code of your order. In case of a mishap, you will have the confirmation email as proof. However, if you do not receive an email, contact the brand for your order status and save every detail as proof.


You do not have to worry about online scams unless you follow our list of suggestions. You can easily distinguish between a credible and a fraudulent business from the tips above. 

Make online shopping in Pakistan a habit and save time. Hamza Store.pk is an online store in Pakistan with multiple household and electronic products on its website. 

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