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10 Items You Can Buy At An Online Store In Pakistan Under Rs.1000

10 Items You Can Buy At An Online Store In Pakistan Under Rs.1000

24 Aug 2022

The world is moving faster with the continuous advancement in technology. A few years ago, we used to purchase everything from markets, but now we are moving towards online stores in Pakistan. You can get premium quality items for newborns to old-aged. Every product is available at our Pakistan's best online store. 

But of course, with the advancement in product features and quality, their prices are also rising. There is a wide range of products such as electronics, household, gift items, fashion, beauty, kids products, and many more you can shop online. For most people, prices affect the most when purchasing online. Here we are bringing quality products under 1000 rupees that an average man can easily buy. Further, these products will also add ease to your work. 

The list of 10 best items you can buy for under 1000 rupees from the online store in Pakistan are as follows.

Baby Finger Soft Toothbrush 

Kids are so sensitive and require soft products that do not hurt them. So, let's start with the kid products you can get for under 1000 rs. Besides toys and play products, cleaning products are also essential for kids. Therefore, a baby finger soft toothbrush is a wonderful product that can easily fit on the finger.

Additionally, some kids say they want to brush by holding the brush themselves. This little finger brush will be the most acceptable item to buy as your baby toothbrush. 

Mini Multifunctional Flower Pots

For beautifully decorating your home, a diversity of products are available on the best online websites in Pakistan. Flowers always add an aesthetic look to your home. But a creative flower pot adds more beauty to it. For this, a mini multifunctional flower pot in creative designs can be affordable to buy under 1000 rs to decorate your home with modernity. 

Due to its multifunctional properties, you can use it as a pen holder, brush holder, and for many other purposes. 

Multi-Function Mobile Phone Stand

Everybody wants to take amazing pictures for their gram. But holding a mobile to your desired position is somewhere challenging. For this purpose, a mobile stand fulfills your desire to get the perfect pictures by yourselves. 

With modern technology and new trends, everybody wants to be famous with their vlogs, pictures, videos, and reels. So a multifunctional mobile stand will help you set the right position and angle to take amazing clicks. 

Cosmetic Storage Case With Drawer

A portable organizer is needed the most for setting your expensive cosmetic products in one proper place. Hamza store provides the cosmetic storage case with a drawer only under 1000 rs, which facilitates storing all your makeup products, brushes, and small accessories in different sections. 

Wall Hanging Seasoning Box

Another product in your kitchen accessories that is again affordable to buy is the wall hanging seasoning box. To store items like grains, salt, sugar, and spices, this product is best to add to your kitchen. It has dustproof and water resistance qualities. Besides, it helps you secure your kitchen products easily and use them when needed.

Multifunction Pocket Style Organizer Holder

Keeping a mobile at an appropriate place is essential when you have placed it to charge. For this, a wall-mounted holder is suitable to set on your wall, available in attractive colors. Along with placing your phones, you can put any of your desired items, such as glasses, pens, brushes, remote, scissors, or anything, as your mini households.  

Super Absorbent Hanging Towel

You have towels at home, but super absorbent hanging towels are convenient to hang anywhere you want. Hamzastore provides a pack of two towels under 400 rs with superb quality. You can utilize it by hanging one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

Water bottle with a pill organizer

Getting a water bottle with a pill organizer in one sounds fantastic. So, here is the best product that one can buy online in Pakistan. For the ones who have to take medicine regularly, this bottle fits best for them. You can take it anywhere, along with securing your pills. In addition, one can also use this bottle as a travel essential to take their needed medicine when traveling. 

Tummy Trimmer

Gym essentials are so expensive nowadays. At this time, getting a gym item like a tummy trimmer under 1000 rs is superb. For exercising at home and reducing the extra fat from your belly, this product is good to keep at home so that you can use it anytime you want. Especially the people who cannot take the time for the gym but want to reduce their fat can use it during their leisure hours at home. 

Super Mitt Car Washing Cleaning Gloves

If you are a person who prefers washing cars by yourself, then this car washer mitt will be highly suggested for you. It contains several bristles, which help you clean the car efficiently by removing all strains. Moreover, you can also use it for washing kitchen utensils or washing other households. 

These are some of the products you can get for under 1000 rs from the online store in Pakistan. Quality plus price both matter for every consumer. Visiting Hamzastore can solve your problem by providing you with premium quality products within your budget.

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